Are Clogs Good For Standing All Day? Footwear Tips 101

Are clogs good for standing all day? Running is the opposite of standing. The former involves dynamic movement, while the latter consists in being confined to a small space. However, standing is much more difficult than it seems, especially if you spend the entire day standing.

People who work in the hospitality, retail, and service industries and those employed in hospitals and restaurants all comprehend it. 

Your feet take a lot of strain from jobs that require a lot of walking and standing. Consider that the feet bear the entire body weight for between 6 and 14 hours. You will need excellent all day shoes comfortable standing.

Doctors, nurses, and other ER staff frequently work 12-hour shifts. It could quickly become uncomfortable if done in everyday shoes. You can’t wait to get home and kick off your shoes because the soles felt worn out and strained.

Even 6- to 8-hour shifts are exhausting. There are several design factors to consider when selecting a pair of shoes for a day spent on your feet. Because standing and walking have similar design requirements, this blog will provide a guide to walking shoes.


No To Flats – Yes To Clogs


When you’re on your feet all day at work, wearing high-heeled shoes isn’t the best or most comfortable option. 

Contrary to popular belief, flats are not the best choice for those who stand for long periods at work. Good arch support reduces leg and foot weakness and prevents back pain. But are clogs good for standing all day?

The ideal heel height for shoes is between a quarter and two inches. Your arches will benefit greatly from the additional support provided by orthopedic insoles. 

Make sure to get the right size if you want fashionable shoes that don’t offer enough support, so you have room to add the right insoles. You can combine fashion with arch support to give you the best of both worlds.

After you’ve gotten an accurate measurement of your feet, it’s time to go shopping for the right shoes for your needs:

  • Chef clogs are popular in the restaurant industry because they offer maximum comfort and excellent traction on kitchen floors. Clogs come in leather, suede, and plastic. The foot bedding is intended to relieve pressure and absorb impact during walking. Clogs have anti-skid bottoms, which help to prevent slips and falls.
  • Obtain a wiggle room by purchasing a shoe with a large toe box. It provides additional comfort during the workday because feet swell as the day progresses.
  • A shoe with laces will help keep your feet secure while walking, preventing them from sliding and protecting you from injury.
  • Skid- and oil-resistant shoes provide security in the kitchen while serving customers’ orders.


Are Clogs Good For Standing All Day?


While more comfortable options exist for those in physical therapy, OG Kushies clogs are a good place to start when easing new discomfort from working at a standing desk all day. Are clogs good for standing all day? We’ll go over the factors of what makes clog a good choice.

  • Durability

Standing all day is hard on your shoes and your body. The whole point of purchasing proper footwear for long periods on your feet is to ensure that your shoes take the strain so you don’t have to! 

Keeping this in mind, make sure you purchase shoes with soles that will not easily wear down or lose their supportiveness. Avoid memory foams and low-cost synthetic foams.

The most resilient cushions are those made of air pocket technology, gel foam, and cork. 

It’s also advised to wear outsoles made of robust rubber or extremely durable synthetic materials, especially if you walk to work on pavement or a rougher surface, like carpet or concrete. In general, you get more for your money.

  • Comfort Features

You’ll need to look for a few different things to keep you at ease during a long shift on your feet:

First, check to see if your shoes have any padding. The most popular cushion materials are, by far, gel, foam, and rubber, and they can all be useful. The key is to give yourself enough cushion to stay comfortable without feeling wobbling. 

A pillowy cushion shouldn’t be so thick that it causes you to float above the arch support and heel cup. The natural cushioning provided by cork makes finding that balance easier, giving you the right amount of support without compromising alignment.

Since your feet naturally expand throughout the day, many shoes feel too tight by the end of the shift. Simply put, that is the result of standing for so long. 

Your shoes will be to blame if the normal swelling starts to hurt. Choose shoe designs that accommodate any additional daily swelling, such as flexible sneakers or clogs.

Keep your feet cool to reduce swelling, and have some ventilation to avoid excessive sweating and conditions like athlete’s foot. Open-back or open-top clog designs are our favorites for keeping hot feet happy. 

Airy sneakers are thus a sure bet. If you want something completely enclosed, look for natural leather upper rather than one made of synthetic materials. Leather is always preferable to rubber or plastic because it breathes naturally.


The Best Cannabis Clogs To Wear While Standing

Are clogs good for standing all day? Definitely. Don’t go for something cheap if you’re standing all day in your shoes. Would you skimp your mattress or sleep on an uncomfortably firm pillow to save money? 

So, be prepared to spend at least $50-$100 on your new pair of standing shoes. You might be tempted to make an initial financial cut. 

Even so, spending money on supportive, comfy shoes will more than pay for themselves over time, saving you from having to pay for expensive, time-consuming medical procedures like visiting a podiatrist or chiropractor. 

Consider your shoes a significant investment in your well-being when planning your spending! OG Kushies™ offers the best clogs for standing all day at affordable prices. It’s time to liberate your lifestyle perspective and make your life 420 comfy and stylish!

Visit our website at and step into a new level of comfort. Grab your pair of all day shoes for work or leisure.

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