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Choosing The Finest and Comfiest Picks for Clog Sandals

Shoe designers today have a fantastic opportunity to appeal to customers who despise sacrificing comfort for style. Stilettos aren’t the only issue. You can exacerbate stress fractures by wearing flip-flops. It only takes one hour and six minutes of wearing uncomfortable shoes to feel pain from blisters to muscular problems. So where do clog sandals come in?

It is where the difficulty lies and where clog sandals become essential. Every time women put on a pair of shoes in the morning, they make a commitment that must last the entire day. Beyond function, shoes are viewed as foot jewelry, a form of personal expression, and a necessary finishing touch to any outfit.

Shoes must do double and sometimes triple duty. So, how can consumers achieve the long-lasting comfort they require while obtaining the refined elegance they seek from footwear fashion?

As a result, clogs have become a popular topic of conversation. Clogs with round, wide toe boxes allow for the foot’s natural walking motion. The heel is wide, and the wooden sole provides excellent traction. The leather used to make each set wraps the foot in softness and luxury. Above all, the everyday comfort of a pair of comfortable clog shoes allows you to.

Clog sandals women complete the “jeans and a tee” look while elevating a casual dress. It’s this adaptability that keeps clogs in the spotlight.


The History of Clog Sandals

Clog sandals are a type of footwear popular worldwide. However, their appearance and material may differ from culture to culture. Traditionally, it is worn in agriculture. But now, they are specifically worn for various dancing styles, demonstrating the shoe’s versatility.

Clogs sandals made of carved wood first existed in Europe in the early 1300s. Initially, peasants and the lower classes wore them. By the 14th century, clogs had become fashionable footwear. Clogs are derived from “calceus” and wooden-soled Roman Empire shoes. 

Calceus shoes had a leather strap wrapped around the top of the foot, and the clog evolved due to the high demand for an enclosed shoe that offered weather protection. Between 1230 and 1280, discovered the oldest surviving European wooden shoes resembling today’s clogs in the Netherlands.

Clogs were traditionally handcrafted from a square block of wet wood down, then axed and smoothed into shape. Bodgers were clog makers who preferred woods that did not split easily, such as balsa, beech, and sycamore.

Clogs are classified into three types: whole feet or wooden upper, commonly associated with Holland, wooden-soled, and overshoes. Whole-foot clogs were traditionally worn as protective clothing in agriculture, industrial facilities, and mining. Nurses and chefs also wear them for protection and comfort.

While clogs are fundamentally a practical type of shoe, their unique shape has made them a truly iconic style of footwear, with variations of the design remaining true to the traditional look of the past.


How To Wear Clog Sandals?

Clogs have fallen out of favor with many fashionistas. However, they have made a comeback and are now popular among the fashion elite. Continue reading to learn how to wear clog outfits in a fashionable and modern way!

Clogs outfits are everywhere, from classic wooden-bottomed clogs to clogs designed by OG Kushies™ and Crocs. Clog sandals are a shoe trend on both the concrete runway and the red carpet. They have a laid-back and wholesome country appeal.

These versatile shoes are comfortable and simple to put on and take off. They also add a fun element to your outfit, making them an excellent choice for transitioning from spring to summer and fall.

Furthermore, thanks to rubber materials, unusual colors, and cozy textures, high-end and fast fashion brands have given these women’s shoes a modern makeover.

Here are the top ways you can wear clog sandals:


  • Boho and Mid Skirt

Begin with a light blouse tucked into a skirt that falls just below the knee. Stick to solid-colored clogs if your clothes are patterned. However, if you’re wearing solid-colored separates, choose shoes with more detail, such as leopard spots or exaggerated studs, to add interest.


  • Jeans

You can easily pair clog sandals with jeans – and jeans style! – in today’s fashion-conscious era! Clogs look great with everything from straight-leg jeans to wider hems.

Wearing wide-leg jeans and long or cropped culottes, on the other hand, is a great way to show off your clogs. It doesn’t hurt that these wider-leg denim pants are also popular among women!


  • Dresses

There’s good news if you’re wondering how to wear clogs with dresses in the coming seasons! Fashion and classic clogs go well with various cute dresses.

And this season, clogs will be available in lighter materials, new colors, and even with heels! Faux fur clogs are becoming increasingly popular, so keep that in mind as you plan your next fall clogs ensemble.


  • Cropped Jacket and Shorts

Hello there, summer uniform! This outfit looks best with flat clog sandals or those with a common platform. Otherwise, you’ll appear to be walking on stilts (plus, shorts and low shoes share a casual weekend vibe). 

Feel free to experiment with denim cut-offs or linen shorts in addition to tailored cotton options, but choose a silhouette with an inseam of five inches or longer but not past the top of your knee. 

What about your coat? Aim for the hem to hit right around mid-hip to keep your proportions in check.


  • Tailored Suit

As you’ve probably noticed, quarantine dressing has blurred the distinction between workwear and weekend wear. 

As a result, wearing a suit with wood-soled clogs is acceptable (and even chic). Choose lighter-colored blazers, trousers (for a more casual summer Friday vibe), and shoes in classic black or dark brown with minimal embellishments or detailing.


Don’t Hesitate To Clog Your Outfits

So now you know everything about clog sandals and how to wear them with other clothes you got in your wardrobe. Are you feeling ready to style your clogs from summer to winter with 420?

What’s not to love about matching your clogs to your outfits? These shoes are both functional and fashionable. It can easily transform your look from day to night and add a fun element to any business.

Choosing between style and long-lasting comfort should no longer be an option. You’re set if you can wear the same pair of shoes from work to happy hour or from shopping to a walking tour to dinner without blisters or discomfort.

OG Kushies™ offers the most comfortable shoes. OG Kushies is an AllStuff420™ sub-brand ready to provide you with a higher level of comfort! Visit our website at https://ogkushies.com/ and put on your pair today!

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