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A Much Needed Guide For The Best Non Slip Clogs in 2022

If you were a youngster in the 1970s, you surely remember how famous non slip clogs were. And they undoubtedly are paving their way back in the world of fashion.

What is a clog, exactly? For those unfamiliar, the clogs’ overall design distinguishes them. They are generally easy to slip on and off because of the open back.

Clog shoes with a leather top and hardwood soles were popular in the past. The toes of the slippers are elevated and rounded. Imagine “Little Dutch” shoes, and you’ll have a good idea of what clogs look like, but clogs are modern analogs.

Is Slip Resistant The Same as Non Slip?


The truth is non-slip and slip resistant clogs serve the same purpose, to keep individuals from slipping, especially when at work. Always remember that no shoe can ultimately save you from slipping, and neither does it prevent you from falling or slipping.

Slip-resistant or non-slip footwear assists in lowering the danger of you sliding accidentally and suffering severe injuries as a result.

Non-slip and slip-resistant are terms that are used interchangeably. If you purchase a non-slip shoe, this does not automatically imply that you will have no chance of slipping.

It is made to reduce your chances of slipping or accidentally falling. Put another way, non-slip and slip-resistant shoes are designed to lessen the likelihood of trips, slides, and falls. They usually provide a slip-resistant hold on the shoe’s tread.

This grip can ensure you stay on your feet, especially while walking on slick or damp terrain. It is a beneficial type of footwear for demanding industries such as catering, food service, industrial, construction, and healthcare.

Trips, falls, and slips are significant causes of occupational accidents worldwide. By wearing slip-resistant or non slip clogs, you can reduce your chances of being one of those who were injured due to these mishaps.

How Do They (Slip Resistant Clogs) Work?


Now that we have established that slip-resistant and non-slip shoes perform the same function, it’s time to study how clogs slip resistant work. These shoes work because of their tread, which helps minimize your chances of falling, tripping, or slipping.

Shoes with a greater level of friction are likely to have deeper tread grooves that can withstand falls and slides.

The fundamental reason for this is because they have very excellent grip on the ground. However, the greater the number of grooves on your shoe, the more slip-resistant or non-slip it is.

Brands should emphasize that the tread can provide enough grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Additionally, it improves stability. With better traction, you may expect the shoe to grip the floor well even while trying to slide your feet.

It’s also a matter of looking at the tread material. It is because the material also affects how slip-resistant your footwear is.

Choose footwear with a high-quality rubber tread if ever possible. This substance is well-known for providing high traction while firmly gripping sticky and greasy surfaces.

The Best Clogs in 2022


Clogs are not only efficient but also fashionable. People can wear them with casual and semi-formal apparel such as jeans and khakis. You may wear your best non slip clogs indoors or outdoors for every circumstance, including work, school, and leisure.

Here is a list of clog companies that offer non-slip clogs. Choose what’s best for you and your lifestyle.


Mohop creates vegan, eco-friendly shoes, purses, fashion accessories, and pet accessories. They create high-quality, responsibly made things at the crossroads of creativity and utility.

Their fundamental objective is to develop and maintain ethical connections with people, animals, and the environment.

Scandic Footwear

Scandic footwear clogs are manufactured in New England from leather acquired in Spain and tanned in the United States and Swedish wood bottoms.

There are numerous styles of clog boots to choose from, including the Hippie Yarn pattern. Sandal clogs, open back clogs and closed back Scandic also produce clogs.

The bottoms of their clogs are made of natural wood and feature non-slip rubber soles. As a result, the clogs become whisper quiet.

OG Kushies

AllStuff420’s merchandise includes OG Kushies. OG Kushies is a cannabis-related sub-brand created to provide cannabis consumers with the highest cannabis-related footwear at highly reasonable pricing.

We provide you with the ideal balance of comfort and style with a broad choice of cannabis designs! Their goods are all crafted with you in mind, from the Tutti Frutti to the Jamaican Thunder.

Here are a few reasons why OG Kushies have the best clogs you are looking for:


Ventilation that ports breathability
Roomy fit for men and women
Convenient to wear and remove
It comes with a pivotal heel straps
Secure fit
Very easy to clean
100% synthetic
Durable from resin material croslite
For everyday use
Flexible on the go
Odor Resistant
Easy dry

Too Many Clogs To Choose From?


You may believe your decision on where to purchase your clogs is based on appearance or how much you want to spend. While these factors are significant, these two will make it more critical in your decision-making process:

slip resistance
grease resistance

Good quality slip-resistant shoes will have the following characteristics:

Shoes with varying resistance levels are appropriate for various job settings and weather changes.

However, many people have started to wear clogs as everyday fashion footwear. You need clogs with these characteristics and have the design screaming for your fashion taste!

Stay 420% Stylish and Comfortable.


Why choose between function and comfort when you can have both?

OG Kushies has a traditional style that is easy to wear. This high-quality OG slip-on is both durable and secure, and it will enhance your comfort to new heights! This footwear will keep you looking stylish all day long!

No more worries in searching for that comfortable, durable, and stylish non-slip clogs. Shop now at www.ogkushies.com and be 420% fashionable!

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