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Lace-Up Shoes vs. Slip On Shoes

Choosing a new pair of shoes can be one decision you weigh for a long time. If you’re going for this kind of footwear, you should consider your shoe model and whether you want to go with the lace up or slip on shoes. Though the two options are vastly different in their details, they are remarkably alike in their comfort levels. Which do you go for? 

The long-held fashion norm has been between slip-on vs lace up shoes, while slip-on styles are more informal, especially if a lady does not want to wear heels. The bottom line is that it relies on your overall appearance and the dress code of the function to which you are wearing it. 

Buying shoes may seem silly, but there are many benefits of buying shoes with a lace-up. Lace-up shoes are designed for more significant support. This article takes a deep dive into the pros and cons of wearing one type of shoe over another.

The Slip-Ons

Many guys see slip-on shoes as the ultimate combination of comfort and elegance. These shoes are comfortable because they have a soft inside and allow your feet to breathe and because they are lightweight. They’re also pleasant to wear because they’re simple to put on and take off.

After a time, you’ll probably feel the need to extend your toes, which is easier to accomplish if you’re wearing the best slip on shoes. Plus, you won’t have the continual need to check your shoes to make sure the laces haven’t come undone by accident.

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It’s also worth noting that slip on shoes is rather fashionable in and of themselves. Most people would look at the benefits of these fashionable shoes as:

  • It is convenient to slide on and off the footwear.
  • The footwear is perfectly shaped on your foot, supporting the ankle.
  • It is more waterproof than any other footwear.
  • It is excellent for outdoor usage.
  • It is generally cheaper.

Depending on the style and material, slip on shoes can be a very versatile design, looking just as good with shorts and a beer as they do with nice pants and a cocktail. This makes them both functional and fashionable. At the same time, if you’re looking for a true blend of style and comfort, slip-ones are best for your feet.

Most of the time, slip-on is seen on the action worn by medical professionals at the hospitals since this is comfortable and creates a powerful anti-slid effect on slippery floors. Wearing the incorrect footwear can cause you to become upended and embarrassed – or worse. Don’t take chances; make sure your shoes have a sole that is engineered to provide maximum traction and safety.


Lace-up shoes are trendy and are the most frequent style of footwear. The best-known lace-up shoes are the Oxford, Derby, and Blucher.

According to an online fashion magazine, Real Men Real Style, checking for shoelaces is one approach to distinguish so-called casual shoes from formal shoes. Shoelaces have been around for a long time and were most likely developed as devices to hold shoes on.

Photo from Pexels

Lace-up shoes are indeed the most common type of shoe. They’re closed using a shoelace that’s linked through eyelets or lugs, as the name implies. Lace-up shoes are divided into two types: those with closed lacing and those with open lacing.

There’s an argument to be made that shoes without shoelaces can’t be regarded classically formal. Lace-up makes a better walking foot companion because:

  • It has better support for the ankle.
  • It can adjust to your foot since the laces are adjustable for tightening and loosing.
  • It mainly covers all heights, which only passes the ankle, unlike slip-on.
  • It has added cushion support for comfort walking.

A shoe with replaceable, customizable insoles that provides extra padded support around the heel and ankle is ideal. A well-chosen work shoe will leave you significantly more comfortable, along with a reinforced instep and midsole, meaning you’ll have that little bit more energy and passion for continuing caring for those who rely on you.


Whether you have different functions to attend to, you can choose which footwear, between lace-up vs. slip-on shoes, would match your attire and personality. Here are a few examples of dress codes and the suitable footwear types to go with them:

The Interview

A lace-up would be most suited for a guy or a woman while wearing a pantsuit for a formal interview. Women who prefer not to wear heels should select a lace-up brogue footwear style. In this circumstance, it’s recommended to avoid wearing slip-on.

The Formal Event

It is best to adhere to the black-tie clothing code, one of an invitation’s most conventional and formal stipulations. Men should wear a good pair of lace-up shoes with their tuxedo or fine suit, while women should wear a pair of sophisticated pumps with their own.

The Business Event

Slip-on loafer designs work well with separates in a business casual or casual setting since the environment is less formal. This form of footwear is often thought to be more comfortable, making it more appropriate for casual settings.

Everyone needs some breather or relaxation, even on fashion, all you have to do is find a perfect pair. If you are caught up between lace-up or slip-on shoes, you have to find which one can bring your personality and comfort at the same time.


A fantastic shoe may make or break your ensemble by adding the right finishing touch. It might be challenging to choose a suitable style for both your looks and the dress code, but you can improve your entire image with a bit of thought. It would help if you had a solid eye to go with your fashion between lace-up or slip-on shoes.

Slip on shoes is ideal if extra comfort is essential. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your boldness. You may also choose to stick to lace-up shoes for formal gatherings as much as feasible. 

Classics are always a safe pick, and there’s no more excellent example of a dress shoe than a lace-up. Get a collection of this fantastic footwear at OG Kushies. They have the best practical yet fashionable footwear for you. Enjoy mixing and matching your style with OG Kushies!

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