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Make Way for Women’s Clogs in 2022

There are neutral tones ranging from dark brown to cream, and the shoes have become a phenomenon on Instagram, with everyone wearing them. 

Some wacky colors and designs will instantly brighten up your look, and the clog is back and better than ever. Clogs are the go-to shoe, from conventional leather variants to whimsical and arty-bling varieties.

There’s not much in between if you’re a longstanding admirer of clogs or can’t get beyond their clacking sounds and famously unsteady wooden appearance. 

But, regardless of your earlier feelings towards them, it’s time to reconsider. 

The 2022 clog trend is more vital than ever before, with fresh interpretations from luxury and modern companies. These women’s clogs are dominating the footwear world as we speak. Let’s get to know more about this classic footwear.

How to Style Women’s Clog Shoes?

Women’s Clogs Shoes have emerged as the shoe of the summer. It is not surprising to see anyone pouncing down the street with these sensible shoes on their feet during fashion week. 

Nowadays, top brands and clothing lines have ventured into elevating comfortable footwear and brought women’s clogs shoes in the pedestal of footwear collections.

From this time in 2021, searches for the ’70s shoe on the worldwide buying platform increased by more than 125 percent, with wooden soles or squishy rubbers being the most sought-after models.

Clogs will undoubtedly make a comeback; they’re wonderfully comfy and simple to walk in.

But how can you wear them without seeming like you’re dressed up as a hippy for Halloween? Allow these seven fabulously beautiful women to lead the way with their seven equally impressive clog-centric ensembles.

Boho Chic

Begin with a lightweight blouse tucked into a skirt that falls just below the knee. Stick to solid-colored clogs if your outfit is patterned. 

If you’re wearing solid-colored items, add some excitement with shoes with additional detail, such as leopard patches or exaggerated studs.

Summer Funk

This ensemble looks best with flat clogs shoes or low-platform shoes; otherwise, you’ll appear like you’re walking in stilts, and both shorts and low-heeled shoes have a laid-back weekend attitude.

In addition to fitted cotton shorts, you can experiment with denim cut-offs or linen shorts; just be sure you choose a style with an inseam of five inches or longer that doesn’t stretch over the top of your knee. 

To keep your proportions in check, aim for the hem to hit precisely around mid-hip.

The Overalls

Are you afraid that wearing overalls with a ’70s classic like clogs would make you seem like Mamma Mia? 

Rather than piling on the pearls or multicolored beads, layer a fitting top under your overall straps and keep your jewelry tiny, modest, and in tones of silver or gold. You may also try a clog with a small heel to improve your look both literally and aesthetically.

Cool Casual

With ruby red shoes, soften the boardroom vibes of a silk button-down and leather pants. Or, basically, any color of the shoe. Opt for more loose silhouettes over faux-leather leggings or skinnies, and keep your hair and jewelry on the casual side to keep this look looking current. A stack of beaded bracelets can also be used to provide a splash of color.

Colorful Cool Maxis

Wear airy dresses and slip-on shoes in the middle of summer; this pair is a go-to. In terms of color, it’s simplest to match, like with soft beige clogs with white or pastel dresses and black shoes with darker hues, but brown leather will go with practically every maxi. Bold and funky colors can be a great match, too. 

To prevent getting swallowed whole by the fabric and the bulky footwear, leave a couple of inches between the hem of your dress and shoes.

Tailored Suits

Quarantine dressing has blurred the borders between workwear and weekend clothes, as you’ve probably seen. As a result, wearing a suit with wood-soled shoes is acceptable, even elegant. 

Choose lighter-colored jackets and pants for a laid-back summer Friday mood and traditional black or dark brown shoes with little decorations or ornamentation.

Women’s clogs are the latest trend, and they look great with a suit. Therefore it’s time for a new fashion revolution. Your clogs should match the same color as your suit are an option, one of my personal favorites. 

A beige suit with black clogs, on the other hand, looks excellent, but a stylist’s recommendation is to match your clogs with your suit pants for a more stylish look.

The Classique

Reach for a crewneck T-shirt, tuck it into your favorite light-wash cropped jeans, and slip into your coziest clogs on days when you just need to “put on and go.” 

To keep your look proportionate, go for a looser fit of denim, such as a boyfriend, straight-leg, or wide-leg cut rather than a skinny—though you could reproduce this style with pants of the same design. You’re ready for a weekend of farmers’ market visits or backyard reading with the addition of a bright tote bag.

The Cow Prints

Cow print is definitely not something you’ve ever considered, yet cow print women’s clogs are relatively widespread in the world of clogs. How they should be styled is the question. To bring attention to your cow print clogs, choose a monochrome ensemble. 

Another unique option to wear is with plaid jeans; however, this style is best suited to folks who aren’t scared to combine prints. If you want to put something but in a rush while still looking stylish, go for jeans and a brown sweater, or match the color of the cow design to the shirt.

That Big Fur

Most of us have icy feet in the winter, and all we want to do is make the feeling warm but clogs with fur are such an intelligent decision and a toasty fashionable style. A fur jacket with a skirt to continue the fur motif. 

Opt for jeans and a long cardigan to keep you warm for a more straightforward appearance. A fur clog is a statement item and highly practical if your feet feel chilly quickly; however, be sure the fur is false; faux fur is still prevalent.

Monochromatic Galore

Wearing a two-color ensemble, such as black and white with white or black clogs, is another elegant option to wear your clogs in the winter. Alternatively, a monochrome appearance is an option, such as pure white. 

One of these two alternatives is a terrific way to dress up women’s clogs, and picking a light hue to match your clog color will make you seem stylish.

Rugged with Jeans

If you’re still stumped on how to wear your clogs, go back to the fundamentals and combine them with jeans as you did in the 1970s. You may wear culottes jeans with a blouse, which are really fashionable right now, or wide-leg jeans with a sweater. 

Wide-leg jeans are so long only the front section of your clogs will show when you wear them with clogs. Alternatively, you may opt for a whole denim look, which is always in trend because denim on denim never goes out of style.


Women’s clog shoes, which were popular in the 1970s, are a significant trend for the fall and winter of 2022. They are a really sentimental item; give them a try because they are incredibly comfy. 

You should ask yourself two things here: first, how else can you style your clogs besides with flared jeans, and second, do you wear clogs with or without socks? You just have to know how to style it according to your fashion statement and how your outfit should speak for yourself. Try these women’s clogs, a timeless footwear only here at OG Kushies! This is your ultimate one-stop shop, ready to serve you 24 hours a day.

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