Rubber Clogs: Essential Facts about Your Go-to Footwear

Perhaps fashion needs rubber clogs, but clogs do not require fashion. The shoe style has flourished on the outskirts of fashion for decades. It contentedly occupies a niche within the utility footwear category without seeking acknowledgment.

The clog is occasionally known to display its freak flag. It never abandons its essential characteristics of utility, durability, comfort, and relative affordability.

Although 2020 may be deemed the golden era of clogs, the same moniker can also be applied to 2016, 2005, and 1976. Despite its periodic prominence, the bulky classic is a dependable foot supporter. It transcends fashions and decades.

Rubber Clogs and the Goodness It Brings

rubber clogsAs a result of their immense popularity, rubber clogs for women and men have become the footwear of choice for many families. It is built with some protection and comfort, making it a great choice for beach walking, grocery shopping, and lounging around the house.

The usual rubber clogs with holes considered a therapeutic shoe, provide long-term relief from foot pain. They are a fantastic option for individuals who have been injured, undergone foot surgery, or have specific health issues.

It is recommended to use a rubber clog after surgery, particularly if the feet are still swollen. It has become essential because rubber clogs can serve as a transitional shoe before returning to regular footwear. In addition, they are perfect for people with diabetes throughout the summer. The reason for this is they are more comfortable than traditional diabetic shoes.

On warmer days, they are typically roomy and much cooler to wear. In addition, they are more accommodating in the toe box, protecting people with diabetes from hammertoes. In addition, they are lined with antibacterial material that prevents bacterial and fungal diseases.

However, men’s and womens rubber clogs may not be the greatest choice for workouts or sports, as opposed to athletic shoes that provide the necessary support for practicing sports. They are not the ideal hiking or tennis shoes. And, as you surely already know, there is no alternative to quality sneakers, whether exercising or competing in sporting competitions.

Evolution of Clogs

During the Victorian era in England, clog dancing was popularized due to the distinctive rhythm produced by clogs when worn.

People who specialized in the production of Clogs were known as bodgers. Clogs were made from beech, balsa, willow, and sycamore since these woods did not slip easily. The origin of traditional clogs was a square slab of wood. The wood was soaked, shaped, and sanded, and then the shoes were piled to dry thoroughly.

Late in the 20th century in Europe and the United States, clogs were so fashionable that contemporary clogs adopted the forms of traditional models with wooden soles and new construction materials such as leather cloth.

What Is the Difference between Clog and Crocs?

Today, the leading brand that offers rubber clogs is crocs, aside from Allstuff420™’s sub-brand OG Kushies™. Crocs is an American firm headquartered in Niwot, Colorado, which is well-known for manufacturing as well as marketing the Crocs brand of foam Clogs. The brand has gained a substantial following among Americans, particularly middle and high school kids.

The primary reason for their tight relationship is that Crocs were derived from Clogs. Three friends, George Boedecker, Scott Seamans, and Lyndon Hanson, set out to invent a new boating shoe and created Crocs. They were inspired by dutch clogs and chose a Foam Creations design to make their foam rubber clogs with holes product. Immediately after that, they devised the creative brand name Crocs.

In addition, they termed one of their styles “classic clog,” which is now one of their most popular styles. 

While Crocs and clogs share certain similarities, there are also significant distinctions. Crocs were designed in 2002 as a boat shoes with slip-resistant bottoms and waterproof material. They are manufactured from Croslite, a particular form of resin. This fabric is soft, lightweight, and wearable. In addition, the shoes’ uppers feature air holes that help keep your feet cool.

Conversely, clogs are typically fashioned from wood or leather. The first indication of their existence dates back to the fourteenth century. Clogs were originally a form of work shoe used by Dutch peasants. They were durable and comfortable, making them ideal for long days spent in the fields. 

Women’s and mens rubber clogs are still worn by workers in some occupations, but they are also popular fashion accessories. They can have closed or open toes and are frequently adorned with flowers or beads. Clogs are typically heavier and more expensive than Crocs.

Getting Your Latest Clog Design at OG Kushies™

rubber clogs

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OG Kushies™ can guarantee you 100% synthetic made clogs with a secure fit that prevents you from having foot pains and issues. It’s made to dry very quickly, and you can clean it easily to make it look brand new. OG Kushies™ rubber clogs can make you appear pleasant and decent when going out. It is indeed the best slip resistant shoes for standing all day anywhere you may be. 
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