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5 Reasons Medical Experts Love Clogs As Comfortable Work Shoes

It is a usual scenario in the hospital, especially in emergency rooms, to have nurses and doctors run back and forth into the corridor. You must have some sense of urgency in everything you do in this field. Otherwise, the lives depending on you will be at risk.

If you have been observant of places like this, you will take note of the footwear of these medical professionals. You might have been asking why do doctors wear crocs? At some point, you have noticed the medical professionals wearing clogs at the hospital. This is not a trend to keep up within the facility. The function that these clogs bring to them is what makes it best for medical experts. This footwear is their on-the-go comfortable work shoes.

Nurses, doctors, and medical professionals spend a lot of their time on their feet. This is why it is essential to get footwear that will be comfortable and need to be durable. The kind of footwear that could withstand the dedication of these medical professionals for their field of work.

Due to the action-packed everyday life of these medical professionals, they get sore feet from all the running and standing the whole day. Clogs are many nurses’ chosen footwear, but why do so many medical professionals choose clogs instead?

With the growing need for comfort and function among health professionals, we’ve rolled out the top reasons why clogs are a perfect match for them:

Ultimate Comfort and Support

When doctors and nurses are working on the entire shift, it is essential to have your shoes comfortable and fit to every groove of your feet. Clogs are the most comfortable work shoes in their line of work.

The roomy feature of the toebox allows the feet plenty of room to lay flat rather than being compressed to the toes altogether. Add to the comfort is the cushioned soles allowing shock absorption when shift requires running and brisk walking.

It isn’t easy to find a perfect pair that gives comfort and provides better support to the arches of your soles. The cushion-like soles further support the arches of the feet for extra comfort that medical professional needs.

The clogs for medical professionals need to be good support for the arches and the entire foot. The molded footbed’s support ensures that you’re securely placed, keeping you safer while you’re transporting a patient, for example. Your feet, ankles, knees, and back will all enjoy this help.

Nurses need to be still to support their patients throughout their shift further. The best clogs for nurses need to be tough when supporting their back from any extra strain. Having worn an unsupportive pair will create an extra strain on the lower back.


Clogs for medical professionals need to be durable. Clogs endure longer than cheaper options since they are often composed of high-quality rubber. After a few months of use, some trainers lose their sharp appearance and become overworn. Clogs made of rubber are more durable and maintain their form and look for longer.

Often, medical professionals’ footwear will most likely be overworn for a shorter period than others who wear clogs. Due to the consistent running back and forth, patient to patient, the clogs that they wore get sogged up.

Slip Resistant

A non-slip sole is an essential safety feature for nurses who work with various nasty fluid spills.

In any industry like food services, hospitality, and health workers, the best pairs would always be the ones that are slip-resistant. This underlines the question of why doctors wear crocs. This footwear keeps the wearer comfortable throughout the shift, even on slippery surfaces like hospitals and clinics.

The best comfortable work shoes would be clogs for medical professionals. It helps them to work smarter in comfort with slip-resistant features. The PVC rubber material of the clogs enables the pair to maintain the friction against the floor for anti-slip, especially when liquid is spilled on a tiled floor.

Easy to Clean

When you work in a hospital, usually, you have to move faster and act upon it. This might cause some mishaps and accidents from spills of liquids over your shoes.

It is challenging to clean liquid spills on leathers and cloth. What’s good about clogs is that you can wipe the spills on them. EVA rubbers are easy to clean without taking much time, wet wipes would do the job, or a clean cloth to wipe it all good.

Some rubbers would repel liquid as soon as it touches the material. Nurses and doctors always need to be neat and presentable. Thus, clogs would be the best for medical professionals who always haste to make themselves neat due to the nature of work.


Have you noticed most hospital doctors and nurses, especially in the emergency room? Clogs are best for nurses’ and doctors’ fields of work.

Aside from its function and purpose for medical professionals, the trend to make it look functional is commendable.

Clogs had made a noise in the online market, from the various colors ventured to designs and statements for specific personalities. It had been a significant leap too when cannabis had been legalized in several states—opening a broader selection for 420-themed merchandise for self-expression.

Having worn the usual white and black colored clogs would be a bore for medical professionals. They had been investing to play colors and designs from trusted brands like OG Kushies, which had opened bolder self-expression for the designs they featured on their tab. Most of these medical experts conclude that clogs are comfortable shoes for work.


With the kind of profession where everything needs to be fast phased, it is proper to find footwear that would be dependable even you have a long shift to stand and walk.

Clogs are the best fit for medical professionals with their unique build, material, and design. These comfortable work shoes are an excellent choice for safety, endurance, and total utility for doctors, nurses, and fields like hospitality and restaurants.

The next time these medical professionals wear clogs, do not ask why doctors prefer clogs because they serve varied purposes.

Remember to choose your gear with OG Kushies. You will want to collect these fashionable yet functional and comfortable work shoes right now!

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